GTA 5 for iOS and Android


GTA 5, is a fun game that is now available in versions for mobile devices. If you love the Grand Theft Auto series, then I'm sure you know Trevor, Michael and Franklin, the main characters of this game, which has always existed in console versions, but now we have it on the mobile platforms More popular.




An interface with modern style

It's time to discover a new world, a lot of new items, lots of cars and meet new people. It is possible to enjoy GTA 5 for iOS and Android with the online mode, we are talking about the most enjoyed game in the world.
For Android, it is possible to find it through the .apk file, which can be installed on any device that meets the requirements that the game requests. This has been an excellent decision by the company RockStar, but we must make it clear that graphically speaking, we cannot compare it with the versions for PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.
This above mentioned is because it was sought that this game could work in a greater number of devices with Android or iOS.





Awesome features

Luxury cars

All the cars that you can imagine are in the GTA 5 that you can buy or steal it in the street as you prefer.

The best weapons

Weapons of all kinds and caliber to counterattack your enemies or the police, which you can buy in the armory.


Start from the bottom and scale to the top stealing money with good hits with your teammates GTA 5.

A world full of cars and fun

In the game, you can collect large amounts of money, this allows you to visualize things from a different perspective. In the city of "Los Santos", you have the opportunity to buy weapons, all kinds of cars, buildings, clothes, and everything that you can think of.



In mobile versions, it is possible to transfer all your money, and also the data of your progress, whether you come from PlayStation, PC or Xbox. Thanks to this, you can have a better experience with GTA 5 for iOS and Android.

Android application
For Apple iOs
Windows version






A unique game on your mobile

In GTA 5 for Android and iOS, you will find a game in which you can drive all kinds of cars, one of the advantages that has, which make it even more fun, we can mention the fact that you can customize the cars, for it, you must go to the stores located in the Customs of Los Santos, these can be found by means of a mark on the map.

As you know, in this game you can take over any car you find on the road, but the police will look for you, however, if you customize it to your liking, you immediately become the owner of that car. This allows you to have a collection of your favorite cars, which will allow you to achieve success in all the missions that you must face.

Everything that we are mentioning, has always been an exclusive video game consoles, but for lovers of their mobile device, now have the alternative to download GTA 5 and enjoy, regardless of whether the platform of your mobile is iOS or Android, both recognized as the most popular when it comes to mobile.